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When searching for museums UK, you are bound to read a lot about London museums.

With the most on offer and arguably some of the world's best, if you can make it to the capital, you won't be disappointed.

Here in the diary or in the blog you'll read about our personal experiences and opinions.

Alternatively visit our main Museums in London page for more formal and  in-depth travel information on exploring these amazing buildings.

Visiting the Museums in London has become a bit of a past-time for us over the years. 

It doesn’t matter that we have seen their offerings millions of times (well it feels like it!)...

...there is always something new to see or learn.

In fact of all the London attractions, the museums are our favourite to visit.

Of course as most of them are also free, that extra cash can be turned into well deserved coffee time!

If I had to choose an absolute favourite museum in London for our family, it would have to be the British Museum of Natural History.

The hours we have spent in that place! 

In fact the last time we went to London...

...I had to have a ban on visiting it again.

Well, it wasn’t fair on all the other London attractions waiting for our attention!

Plus the bear didn't seem quite so scary anymore!

As a child  growing up in the Capital, I had been taken around the best museums in London more times than I could mention...

...Well maybe not all - there are over 300 of them! 

I love touring around the London museums and I wanted my son to start experiencing the London I know.

As my child gets older, the British Science Museum is also quickly becoming another of our favourite museums in London to visit. 

The exhibits and displays are brilliant for both children and adults.  I am confident that even the most reluctant of museum goers will find something to interest them.

As for the British Museum - don't get me started on the amount of things to see there.  We love this place too!

When I first saw the jaw-dropping architecture in the main area, The British Museum took its place as a firm favourite.

My top tips for visiting London Museums?

Don't write any off until you've visited them. 

A mistake I made when I decided I didn't want to go to the Imperial War Museum.

After much persuasion by my son,

I relented and trudged along.

I was not expecting to enjoy it.

WOW was I wrong! It was just so interesting. 

Occasionally they may also hold an extra exhibition or event where a fee is payable.

But you can decide whether to add that in or not. 

When you go to London, if all you end up doing is visiting museums, then in my opinion you will still have a fantastic time. 

For me, that is what it is all about - having fun!

There are many more museums in London and we're exploring them all...again

Read about our adventures in the diary or blog.  Alternatively for more in depth travel information, visit the main site.

Thank you for visiting Central London Tourist and I hope you have a wonderful stay in my favourite city.

All the best,


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