Shopping in London.
Where to
and how to!

So shopping in London either fills you with absolute glee or complete horror and frustration.

Believe me, I've felt all emotions when doing the London shops.

Some, like Harrods or Covent Garden (above), really are tourist attractions in London and are worth a visit, once you know how to "do" them.

Or maybe the markets in London (link coming) interest you most.

Either way I am sure you'll have many questions like:

  •     Where to go?
  •     How to get there?
  •     How long will shopping in London take?
  •     When is the best time to visit London shops?
  •     Or even...How do I get out of this London shopping trip?

Ok I'll probably have to leave that last solution to you!!

Read on or follow the links below to find out more...

Scroll down and click on the links for my best "been there done that" advice on what to do about London shopping. 

I want to help you make the most of your fun weekend getaways...or whenever you decide to go.

Some of the best known London shops are listed below...

  • Fortnum and Mason
  • Harrods
  • Selfridges
  • Oxford Street
  • Regent Street
  • Carnaby Street
  • Hamleys

The amount of London shops is mind-boggling.  To me anyway.  From normal high street to high end luxury. 

I love visiting Tiffany in Harrods.  Just so I can check out my future engagement ring of course...! 

The bakery in there also gets my attention too. Jam doughnuts...mmmm...

Which of the London shops do you like best and why? Tell us!

Some of the London shops are a must to visit and will probably be on your list of places to see in London.

As tourist attractions in London go, if you have the time and inclination it can be fun.

Beware, it can also be one of those nightmare activites in London too.


Harrods oh Harrods.

Sometimes my friend. (Bakery. Doughnuts).

Usually my enemy. (Too hot, massive crowds, confusing lay-out).


My personal favourite, only because my memories of being taken to santa's grotto there as a child is very special.


The famous London Toy store.  Located on Regent Street.  Most children will be itching to get inside its doors!


Still famous after its swinging sixties heyday!  My friend's ultra cool nephew is mad about it.

Something to do with Storm of London I think.


It is beautiful. I love it.  Pure luxury and a long history.

Don't mention the beautiful cakes to me...please!


Can be a nightmare because of crowds.  You'll find most of the high street names here. 

But beware, as with any large city, there are pickpockets about. 

I'll tell you how I keep my belongings and money safe.


As you can imagine there are tons of markets in London.

You have the Camden Markets, Portobello Road, Spitalfields, Greenwich Market, Brick Lane but to name a few.

Not forgetting Covent Garden Market.

Definitely worth picking one or two to visit if you have time.

I guess, I'll be forever shopping in London!

Even if seeing the London shops doesn't count as one of your top United Kingdom tourist attractions... can't beat seeing the beauty of Harrods all lit up at night or the Regent Street Christmas lights in all their glory.

Do you have any top London Tips for "doing" the London shops? 

Did you love shopping in London it or hate it? 

What was the worst souvenir you ever bought or received?

Tell me about it here...and I'll publish the best entries.

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