Museums in London are FREE?  Well yes, some of them are...

Famously, some of these attractions will not cost you a penny to get into!  And while some others do charge, quite frankly in my experience, they have all been well worth visiting. Fees or not.

Read on to discover which of them may interest you most, how to find them and what to expect when you get there...

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Free Museums

Amazingly, some of the best museums in the world are free to get into here in London.

With so many attractions charging top prices for entry, this is such a gift.  There is an opportunity to leave a donation at these museums and if you can, please do.

Even if it's just £1 it will help keep these wonderful places free for future generations.

British Natural History Museum

This amazingly beautiful building goes down as a favourite of ours. 

The British Natural History Museum is one of the South Kensington Museums.  It is extremely easy to get to, especially if you are traveling by tube.

You'll need to know how to avoid the queues, the best time to visit and most importantly what you will find when you get there!

Here's some good advice on how to do just that:

Visiting the British National History Museum.

Alternatively, read about our personal experiences on the blog.

The British Science Museum

The science museum is also located in South Kensington. 

With loads of interactive exhibits, displays and fun things to do, you will definitely need a day to experience all of it.

A truly amazing place, with a lot to do for everyone.

The British Science Museum

The Victoria and Albert London

An absolutely stunningly eclectic building, with displays and exhibitions that go on and on.

Don't miss it.  Find out more facts in our article:

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Or read about our time there on the blog.

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