What to Wear in London
Let me help you...

So many people ask me about What to Wear in London.

Not because I am an expert on London fashion, or even because I can tell them what the spring fashion trends might be!

I get asked because people travelling to London want to know what it is they need to pack for their journey.

What shoes should they wear, what bags should they bring etc.

As this site is about being a Central London Tourist, on this page I will be telling you what I bring to London and what you can expect others to wear in London.

Sometimes people are so concerned about 'fitting in' to the London scene that they forget to enjoy their trip.

I love fashion, I love looking good, but I never ever worry about 'fitting in' when I am travelling in London.

There are simply too many people milling around to even care, and if they do, well then that's a problem for another day!

You'll also need to consider what the weather might be doing.

So what time of year are you going to London?

When deciding what to wear in London, that would be my first question.

The official UK weather seasons are as follows:

March, April and May

June, July and August

September, October and November

December, January and February

The thing is though, we can have really crazy weather here. You cannot fully predict what is going to happen with the weather in London.

So you'll need to prepare first.

If you really want to delve into the UK climate (and it is a good idea if you are not sure), The Met Office is a good start.

Have a look here to get an overview of what the weather in London usually does.

If you are planning your journey to London in advance it will be helpful.

Alternatively for an up-to-the-minute and detailed weather report for London, I always log onto BBC London Weather.

Before and during my tours in London.

Whatever the London weather forecast though, remember that it can really be unpredicatable.

Because of this, knowing what to wear in London can be difficult.

One day you might have blazing sunshine and need the suncream out, the next you could be wrapping up and wearing a coat.

So bringing hats, scarfs, gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses, a raincoat, a warm coat, and a brolly (umbrella), should all be considered.

Oh and layer your clothing.

Layers will be your best friend!

What will you be doing in London?

Some rules for what to wear in London will apply, depending on where you will be visiting.

If you are planning to go the the Theatre check first with the venue if they have a dress code.

Usually there is no formal dress code but they do advise smart casual.

I always know what to wear in London theatres now because I have been so many times.

Sometimes I will wear a nice top, with black trousers and some nice shoes. Usually flat shoes that are smart and comfortable.

I would never go 'over the top' and wear dresses and heels etc. I would probably look out of place, unless it was an opening night.

I personally wouldn't wear trainers (sneakers/tennis shoes) and I would advise you don't take the chance.

Sometimes, for some performances this may be frowned upon or even not allowed.

Dress in a smart/casual manner and make sure you will be comfortable enough to sit in your outfit for a couple of hours.

Most theatres will not have air-conditioning either, so if it is really hot keep that in mind, or bring something to keep off any chilly drafts in cooler weather.

If you are wondering what to wear in London restaurants, I would always says check with them first.

If you are not sure where you will be going and so are not sure what to wear in London restaurants, then make sure you come prepared.

Not all restaurants will require you to dress a certain way, it really depends on which ones you will be going to.

Bring smart clothes and shoes if you think there is a possiblity you will be going for afternoon tea or visiting a classy hotel or restaurant.

As long as you prepare first, knowing what to wear in London need not be difficult at all.

Another reason people ask me what to wear in London, is because they are worried about 'looking like a tourist'.

Believe me, there are thousands of people in Central London who look like tourists.

You can't miss us. We're absolutely everywhere, mixed in with the rest of the London folk.

Ok granted, some look more like tourists than others and you can often tell the country of origin by what people are wearing.

But don't let that put you off.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking that what to wear in London will determine your safety, then just remember that yes tourists can be a target wherever in the world they are.

Stick to the obvious rules of keeping yourself and your belongings safely about you.

Know where you are and stick to the beaten tourist route (unless you have a tour guide and are in a group)

And knowing what to wear in London, is no where near as important as keeping your wallet or purse in a place far away from where a pickpocket can access it easily.

What Bag and Shoes should you bring?

This is easy.

Knowing what to wear in London is not just about clothes.

Your shoes are extremely important.

If I am just touring during the day, I always wear my most comfortable trainers.

Hard-wearing, comfortable and with a supportive and springy sole. Because, believe me, you are going to be doing a lot of walking.

For the evening I always bring a pair of comfortable flat shoes and a pair of heels, just in case.

Well I might need them!

You should also think about the type of bag you will wear in London.

Not just for comfort, but for safety.

I always wear a small bag diagonally across my body.

I always wear it under my coat (if I am wearing one) and I always keep it to the front.

In here I will keep important things, like cash, cards, keys, mobile phone and my London tourist map.

On my back I always have a little rucksack with all my essentials.

In my rucksack will be food and drinks, raincoat (if I am not wearing it!), plasters (very important), anti-bacterial wipes (also very important) and whatever else I will need on my London travel tour.

But no valuables go into my backpack.


I cannot say it enough.

For your comfort and safety...

...this info is just as important as knowing what to wear in London!

Keep your valuables close to your person and at the front of your person.

If your concern is a London fashion thing though, you really don't need to worry if you are a tourist.

Most people are too busy finding their way around London and enjoying the sights.

This is the most important bit of advice I can give you in understanding what to wear in London on your tourist adventures.

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