Off to the shops in London

by Rosaleen
(Co Kerry Ireland)

I love shopping in Oxford Street - such variety - so many shops. You really need a couple of days if you are in from the country - make a mini holiday of it I say. Take a break, lunch, coffee. Make sure not to wear heavy clothes, simple layers will do so you can discard a layer or two in those warm shops.

Now that Selfridges is in the limelight (Drama - Mr Selfridge - Sun nights on TV) it has taken on more meaning. Browse around and imagine the beginnings of the store, the people of that time - the changes in society - it is an institution indeed and has everything to offer.

Harrods is a wonderful store of course but please do get a store guide on entering - it is a great place to get lost - can be claustrophobic - get your bearings straight away and find out the exits otherwise you may go around in circles. An experience, especially of course the wonderful Food Hall.

All in all London is the place to be to shop. I could list many stores I love but please go there and find out for yourselves - make it an adventure - enjoy and bring lots of cash (better still your credit card for safety). Do please watch out for pickpockets - Enjoy.

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