My Top London Tips For A Successful Visit.

London Tips...I've picked up quite a few let me tell you. I write this page from experience - some of it painful!

Lets face it - we all make mistakes.

No doubt you will too whether you are visiting London for the first time or the hundreth.

You will develop a host of your own London travel tips and please join us and share them here with us too.

Most of what you learn will have to come from your own personal experience.

But there is plenty I can pass on to you from my own experiences.

My mistakes need not be yours.

So read on for my Top London tips.

Where Possible, Use London Public Transport

Many people are put off using public transport in London.


Fear of the unknown.

Do not be intimidated by the system. While it will be unfamiliar to you to begin with, after a couple journeys, you'll be as expert as the rest of us.

  • Firstly get a London underground map and a Bus Map.
  • Remember London underground maps are not geographically correct. Some stations may look really close on the map, when in fact they are not.
  • Do not pay cash for tickets. It's way more expensive. Get an Oyster Card or Travel Pass.
  • Do your best to avoid rush hour on the London subway. It can be the difference between a pleasant journey and a horrible one.
  • Do ask for help. You'll need it the first couple of times, but after that you'll be flying through like the rest of us.
  • Using the underground tubes (my son has adopted this pet name for the London underground!) will really help you make the most of your time in London.
  • Finally, London taxis can be expensive, but sometimes worth it. I pepper my trips with a black cab journey here and there, usually when time is short or feet are tired!

For further indepth London tips when using transport in London, including the merits of a London Oyster Card vs the London Travel Pass - click here. (coming to you very soon).

This page is getting bigger! More of my best tips are being written as we speak...yay!

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