London for free? Is it possible?

Seeing London for free is possible. Depending on what it is you want to see of course!

There really are loads of places to visit in London that won’t cost you a penny to get into.

Its true!

Going to London can be as expensive or as affordable as you like.

Its all down to the choices you make, where you go and what research you do beforehand.

On this page I will tell you which of the most popular Museums and galleries in London are free...

...and how I visit London for less when my winter heating bill is on the table.

So we all know going to London for free may not be 100% possible, but did you know there are plenty of free things to do there on your visit?

Its just a matter of finding them and planning.

For me the biggest expense is travel, food and drink...

...oh and gift shops - ask my son!

You can find loads of free stuff for kids to do in London and the most obvious of the free places to go are the Museums.

The following Museums are what I would consider to be the most well known and they are all free to enter:

British Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD. Telephone +44 (0)20 7942 5000

*and coming soon...*

London Science Museum

Victoria and Albert (V&A)

Imperial War Museum

The British Museum

The National Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery

Tate Modern

Tate Britain

V&A Museum of Childhood

I have learned from experience, never to judge a museum before I have visited. Every single one I have been to has had something to offer.

Free museums and free galleries in London really are a must, especially if you are travelling to London with kids or are on budget family vacation.

If you live in the UK or Ireland and have a Tesco club card you can save up your club card vouchers and get a lot of great deals for London attractions and eating out, as well as some of the theme parks like Legoland.

I would advise looking into this in advance, sometimes you need to send off for your extra vouchers.

There really are plenty of free things to do. All these deals add up, making london for free almost possible.

The museums and galleries alone could take you weeks to cover.

Depending on how long you decide to spend in each and how much of them you want to see.

There are also many websites offering coupons and discounts on a whole range of things.

One of my favourites (and highly reputable) is The Money Saving Expert

I always search this site. The last time I did, I was able to get two tickets for the price of one for the Dr Who experience.

It would have cost me £37 for two, but with that deal I was able to book online and only paid £18.

It really helped me to budget and see London for less than I would have if I had not researched first.

The site does look a little 'busy' at first, but use the search facility in the upper right corner to look for London offers.

You will also be able to find restaurant vouchers on this site to print off too.

I always do my research before I travel down.

In the past I have made a lot of savings this way before travelling to London.

After all these free things to do, you may find yourself tired, in need of a break and hungry.

Nothing bites into your budget more than having to pay for food and drinks while trying to do London for free.

Depending on where you go, prices can be pretty expensive in London.

If you are unable to make your own sandwiches, look out for the “express” versions of the larger supermarkets, like Tesco or Sainsburys.

Buying sandwiches and drinks there should be cheaper than going to restaurants.

But better still, if you are able to bring your own picnic, do. When we were little, my dad was very fond of saying that the only food free in London, is the food you bring in your bag!

So with his advice firmly in mind, I always carry a back-pack with sandwiches and drinks when I am visiting London.

It really comes in handy, especially when certain little people are starving and thirsty at the most inappropriate times…

…like on a packed tube! (anti-bacterial hand wipes were also handy on this occasion).

My mum is very proud of me, she says “us youngsters“ spend too much money on coffee and eating out.

She thinks she has finally converted me.

Well maybe not completely…

…On the last day of our most recent trip, I treated us all to pizza and had £10 deducted from the bill from vouchers I had printed off before travelling to London.

Well we’d had three days of picnics by then.

Remember my biggest tip...?

...Do your research before you go. It will make life a lot easier and your trip to London a lot less stressful.

I love nothing more than a treat and spending that extra when I can.

There simply are occasions where you must spend a little extra for that extra special experience.

Equally though are times when I simply could not go to my beloved London if I didn’t find free things to do.

It’s all about balance and being sensible…

…just don’t tell my mum I said that.

Most of us need to have an inexpensive family vacation or holiday every now and again.

Speaking from my own experience of being a tourist in Central London, I know frugal fun is possible. You definitely can see parts of London for free.

Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!

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