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Being a Central London Tourist should be something that fills you with excitement.  Not frustration and stress

If you need to find out the best places to see in London or how much time visiting the attractions will take, you've come to the right place.

You might be looking for accommodation to suit your price range (Something I research a lot) or just a good place to get coffee and a bite to eat.

Or maybe you need to plan a London trip with children and want to know where to find free stuff for kids to do.

Whatever you are searching for you're likely to find it here.  And if you don't? Then ask me! 

I'll share my top London tips, tell you how to keep safe in London and where not to go.  Information some official guides will not tell you.

You can make important decisions, (or even decide whether a certain attraction will interest you) before you go.

There's nothing better than real advice from a real person, who has actually been there and done it!

What you will find on this site...





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- Where are they? How much will they cost?

- Decide which to visit and avoid the crowds.

- From high end to budget.

- How to keep all ages happy.

- How to find discounts and coupons.

- Where and How!

- From £ to £££.

- Discount Tickets...find them.

- I'll tell you how to stay safe in London. 

- Things some official guides won't tell you.

- London England weather...say no more!

I want you to show you how to get the best deals and really plan your London adventure properly.

Bottom line?  I know how frustrating and stressful it can be trying to find out all that information by yourself.

Which is why I have put it all together, here on this website.

Let me guide you around the London I know and love.

As well as being a bona fide Londoner, I am also a Central London tourist just like you, so all the information you read here comes from personal experience and a lot of research.

You can be assured that I will always endeavour to give you genuine information and any links I provide will always be to other quality sources of information.

Thank you for visiting my site and I wish you a fantastic time in my favourite city.

I hope that you will not only visit London again, but that you also return and share your experiences with us (and others) here at Central London Tourist.

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